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Star Office Suite Personal Edition - FREE!Star Office Suite Personal Edition - FREE!

StarOffice Suite - Personal Edition - free for personal use!

Better than MS Office?

Cross platform, web-integrated office suite now available world wide for free to individual non-commercial users

Star Division Corporation announced that 'StarOffice Personal Edition', the company's fully-featured, cross-platform office productivity suite can now be downloaded from the web for free to individual non-commercial users.

StarOffice is a premium office productivity suite which runs native on all major operating environments including Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/95/98, Macintosh, and OS/2. It has a fully integrated set of powerful applications which provide word processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentations, database access, HTML editor, mail/news reader, event planner, and formula editor. StarOffice features a very familiar and intuitive user interface which allows experienced Microsoft Office users to be productive almost immediately. Furthermore, powerful document filters provide seamless and easy interoperability with the Microsoft Office products.

"Do Everything in One Place“. StarOffice will boost your productivity as all tasks can be done from a perfectly integrated workplace. It doesn't matter if you are editing texts or spreadsheets, creating presentations or working in a team. You can also surf the Internet, read and write e-mails or news postings. You will never again have to start various individual programs to manage specific tasks.

StarOffice is the only high-end office software available worldwide that supports all commonly used operating systems: Not only the Windows operating systems but also OS/2, Macintosh and the diverse UNIX-based systems, such as Sun Solaris and Linux. Completely new possibilities are open with StarOffice for Java: Here, for the first time, the complete functionality of an office suite can be made available on NCs!

The folks here at think this one may be BETTER than MS Office!
It's probably ALL you need to run your business and even integrate with MS Office.

Try it out now - unlimited, no-nag, & free for personal use!

Download for free - right now!

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