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Linux - The Bulletproof, FREE Operating System

Unlike MS Windows, Linux is a true 32 bit, bulletproof, mission critical operating system that enjoys international development by thousands of the world's top programming experts. It has highly stable built in networking and much more, including a choice of very "windowy" easy to use graphical user interfaces. Best of all it's free, and there are many powerful and "free for personal use" software applications available for downloading, including the entire StarOffice application suite and Corel WordPerfect. You never have to pay for an operating system upgrade again, since free upgrades are easily done over the internet at no extra charge. Linux upgrades are always free. That's guaranteed in the license.
Sounds too good to be true?
Not really. While it is possible, initial Linux installations from the Internet (free) are not easily accomplished by most novices. Practically speaking you need to get Linux on CD for a first time installation, although once it's installed you can download all upgrades easily and for free.
You can get a Linux CD for under $5. from the Linux Mall, but it costs more for an "Official Version" that includes installation support. Because many novices want a bit of initial support, there is money to be made by developing Linux...
A powerful, stable and free multi-platform operating system will eventually become a widely used tool of choice. When applications are free for personal use, they will also become widely used and preferred. These two factors lead to increased sales of business applications. While commercial users must usually purchase licensing for their commercial applications, Linux business applications are generally much lower in price than the Microsoft counterparts. Since an official Linux CD with support options seldom costs over $50 to $100, and since you can legally install Linux on as many computers as you want from the same CD, it's a much better value than Microsoft Windows. (MS Windows costs more for each machine, even though Windows is an inferior product)

How do we pronounce Linux? Click HERE to find out

Linux is usually pronounced "Lih-nux" by North Americans. (like "win bucks")
Some pronounce Linux with a hard "i". (Lye-nux)
The Scandinavian author pronounces it "Lee-nooks".
But no matter whether you call it Lih-nux, Lye-nux, or Lee-nooks, those in the know will usually understand what you mean.

What makes Linux so great?

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Linux on CD for under $2. U/S!
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